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03 July, 2017

eKhaya eKasi Art and Education Centre -- a South African nonprofit organization founded by Art Aids Art -- hosts an annual Arts & Literacy Camp during the Easter school holidays.  The camp provides children and adults with opportunities for creative self-expression and literacy development in a safe, supportive environment.  The photo-journal below gives an insider's view!

The 2017 session begins with a persona doll activity for women, encouraging self-expression through storytelling.

Persona Doll Making Workshop Art Education Khayelitsha South Africa

For artisans accustomed to producing art to sell, the experience of making a keepsake is unfamiliar and joyous. 

Persona Doll Workshop Adult Art Education South Africa Township

Each day includes dramatic reading activities...

Adult Reading Literacy Development Community Education Khayelitsha South Africa

...and time for free movement...

Movement Exercises Free Dance Khayelitsha South Africa

...followed by a Soul Train line dance...

Soul Train Dance Line Khayelitsha Township South Africa eKhaya eKasi Centre

...which the men eagerly join. At eKhaya eKasi, connecting physical intelligence with other forms of knowing is an essential part of daily educational practice. 

Dance Community Development Education Cape Flats South Africa

For the second year, the Center hosts a Sexuality Education and Reproductive Health workshop for girls and mothers. This time, boys and men also attend, and are valuable contributors to the discussion.

Sexuality Reproductive Health Education Teen Youth Women South Africa

Anatomical study is an important element...

Anatomy Education Sexuality Reproductive Health Township South Africa

...along with other fundamentals in health education. Here, participants listen to their heartbeats for the first time. Connection to one's own body is essential for self-knowledge, self-love, and self-care.

Women's Adult Health Education eKhaya eKasi Centre Khayelitsha South Africa

In the video below, participants practice self-defense by using words to repel and expose a sexual predator.  

The 3-day intensive concludes with a circle of love as the adults commit to support the younger generation. "We've got your backs!"

Women Girls Youth Support Group Khayelitsha Township South Africa

The younger children arrive, bursting with energy!

Children Expressive Movement Education After School Township South Africa

Warmups challenge focus, strength,...

Dance Exercise Movement Youth Development Township South Africa


Dance Education Expression Youth Programme South Africa

...and imagination!

Imagination Development Youth Creativity Programme South Africa

The adults take the lead in an intergenerational Soul Train dance.

Adult Development Expressive Dance Education Township South Africa

The children show that they keep up... and then some!

Children Youth Development Dance Education South Africa

After a successful introduction last year, the older children resume their rehearsals of a South African version of The Wizard of Oz.

Youth Theatre Literacy Development Arts Education Wizard of Oz South Africa

Meanwhile, the youngest focus on an historical coloring book.

Visual Arts Cultural History Youth Education Township South Africa

Sorting crayon provides an opportunity for color identification and classification... and has never been more precise!

Visual Arts Education Youth Programme Khayelitsha South Africa

The spirit of Ubuntu -- the southern African value of interconnectedness -- is evident throughout the 2 weeks of camp...

Ubuntu Collaborative Education Literacy Parental Reading Groups South Africa women from the artisan training program participate alongside the children in activities. Here the women lead interactive storytelling with enthusiastic results!

Parent Child Literacy After School Education Township South Africa

The cast of the Wizard of Oz shows remarkable persistence as they prepare for a dramatic reading. 

Drama Theatre Performing Arts Education Youth South Africa

Costume selection becomes a dramatic event in itself!

Performing Arts Theater Township Production eKhaya eKasi South Africa

When the day of dress rehearsal arrives, the team performs with spirit and professionalism. They have committed to continuing rehearsals in preparation for a special performance at the center's 10th anniversary celebration next year!

Wizard of Oz Youth Theater Group Performance Art Center Khayelitsha South Africa

What's next? To learn what you can do to help eKhaya eKasi celebrate 10 years, click here.