Nelson Mandela Greeting Cards Set

The Nelson Mandela 6-cards set -- a tribute to one of the great inspirational figures of the 20th Century -- includes photographs of "Madiba" by photographers Jurgen Schadeberg, world renowned as a pioneer of South African photography, and Alf Khumalo.

The set is particularly exceptional for the detailed information on the back of each card, where you will find additional thumbnail photos and six historical excerpts of South Africa's struggle for democracy and the role that Mandela and others played. They include:
1948 - Creation of Apartheid ... the Law and the Lawyer.
1950's - Forced Removals and Political Resistance ... Defiance.
1960's - Sharpeville ... Going Underground.
1970's - Black Consciousness Movement ... The Generation of Revolution
1980's - Protest ... The Outlook of a Nation
1990's - Winds of Change ... A New Hope and Expectancy

$ 20.00